Great Job, Internet!: Calvin And Hobbes has at last breached the 3rd dimension

Bill Watterson’s long-gone, much-missed comic strip Calvin And Hobbes is not coming back. Ever. There is barely any newspaper industry for it to come back to at this point. Likewise, Watterson has nixed any official television or film adaptations of his work. The end of the line has been definitively reached. And yet, the adventures of a rambunctious 6-year-old and his philosophical stuffed tiger companion continue to inspire fans around the world, over 20 years after the strip went into reruns. Some of those fans use Watterson’s original strips as the basis for creative and ambitious pursuits of their own.

Take French graphic designer Gabriel De Laubier, who has created an interactive, three-dimensional version of a typical black-and-white Calvin And Hobbes comic. The gorgeous results are available both here and here. “Backface culling and flat-shading are used to give life to the cartoon drawings,” the artist modestly explains …

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