Great Job, Internet!: California’s transit agencies haiku-battled each other on Twitter

Running a social media account for a major public transportation agency does not seem like it would be a particularly fun or interesting job. Most of the tweets would be dull announcements about delays and schedule changes. Occasionally, one might have to deal with complaints from disgruntled customers who took to the internet to register their disgust throughout the world. Other than that? Dullsville.

But then there are accounts like SFBART, the feisty but nevertheless official Twitter voice of San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit. As documented by Kelly Bonner at UpOut, SFBART recently answer a customer’s rhyming gripe with a poem of its own:

.@AlYourPalster It’s time to rebuild,
for all things have a lifespan.
Ours? 45 years.#Haiku

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

And this was merely the beginning of what turned into a full-on public transportation Twitter poetry slam. High from its recent social …

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