Great Job, Internet!: Burger King ad lists Whopper ingredients as cyanide, rat meat, toenail clippings

Last night Burger King released a new ad, in which a fresh-faced lad bemoans the brevity of his commercial spot but then triggers Google Homes to read the definition of a Whopper to viewers:

As The Verge has pointed out, the amount of people for whom this probably worked is incredibly small—they would need to have cable and a Google Home near each other and watching it when this aired with the volume set at an appropriate level to pick up the demand. Nevertheless, it’s a creepy, fourth-wall-breaking stunt that invades viewer’s homes, and netted the expected immediate outrage online.

Ad companies: “why does everyone use ad blockers?”


Burger King: “Ok Google, define intrusive”

— small dog friend (@duckinator) April 13, 2017

In order to make the ad work, however, Burger King had to first change Wikipedia’s definition of the Whopper to …

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