Great Job, Internet!: Breaking down the hallmarks of Guillermo Del Toro’s style

In his latest style breakdown video, Australian cinephile The Film Guy takes a deep dive into the filmography of Guillermo Del Toro. He starts with the central question: If you had to make a film that perfectly mirrored Del Toro’s style, how would you do it? And from there he breaks down the storytelling tropes and visual touches that have become Del Toro’s signature.

Arguably the biggest hallmark of a Del Toro film is that it treats fantastical elements as mundane; ghosts, spirits, and monsters are a given part of the fabric of the world, not a shocking reveal for either the audience or the characters. He also tends to favor protagonists who are orphans, who lose a loved one during the course of the film, and who have to make a big choice in the climax. And Del Toro believes production design should be “eye protein” rather …

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