Great Job, Internet!: Breaking down the fastest sci-fi ships from TV, games, and film

Comparing the abilities of spacecraft in different fictional universes is an undeniably silly dick-measuring exercise, especially given that the writers of those series may or may not have cared much about the science or consistency of technical details in their fictional universes. Star Trek may have a reputation for trying to ground its science fiction in science, but Star Wars features a hotshot space pilot mistaking a measure of distance for a measure of time. Nonetheless, the good people at The Fat Wallet have tried to scientifically determine the speeds of pop culture’s favorite spaceships, from NASA’s real-world, gravity-propelled Voyager 1 to Futurama‘s remarkably speedy Planet Express, laying it all out in a fetching infographic. How they determine those speeds is amusing, especially when calculating ship speeds in outright parody works like Spaceballs:

Spaceball 1 can attain a new speed definitely faster than light speed. It’s …

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