Great Job, Internet!: Breaking Bad’s wide shots were truly beautiful

Breaking Bad’s pilot was originally set to take place in Riverside, California. The area is known for having a nasty meth problem, so it seemed like a perfect fit. Even so, executives at Sony’s television production studio felt that New Mexico would be a better location. Not so much for artistic reasons, but because they knew that the southwestern state would offer a hefty discount if they filmed there. Though hesitant at first to bring the AMC show to the hot, arid deserts of New Mexico, creator Vince Gilligan later admitted that it was, in fact, an excellent idea. The city of Albuquerque, in many ways, became its own standout character. (Not to mention, a suddenly more enticing tourist destination.)

The big, open sky and earth tones shown throughout Breaking Bad gave the series a wonderfully cinematic feel. In addition to the brown and yellow hues, the show …

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