Great Job, Internet!: Brad Neely’s new Adult Swim show premieres on Vine

Finally something to fill the Baby Cakes-sized hole in the heart of the population has arrived—and on Vine, no less! Brad Neely‘s newest show for Adult Swim, called Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio, is set to debut on the network on July 10. But savvy web users can see the premiere now, in full, on Vine thanks to the app’s new extended video option. The creator of China, IL; The Professor Brothers; and Wizard People, Dear Reader has returned with an animated sketch show full of weird skits and tangential clips that are loosely (if at all) connected. Mostly it’s an excuse for Neely to really let his freak flag fly and pump out some new catchy tunes and some images that don’t make a lot of sense but which will furrow their way into viewers’ brains for years to come.

Neely …

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