Great Job, Internet!: Bot becomes expert in Trump’s unique brand of unhinged tweeting

In the glorious, old, unhinged days, before Trump was the president and the greatest existential threat facing humanity, you could tell whether or not he had actually written a tweet by what device it was sent from. The crazy late-night stuff came from an Android, whereas the sober, on-message stuff came from an iPhone. Apparently Trump is not swayed by Apple’s design excellence and walled garden of apps.

However, as the new, purportedly more “presidential” Donald Trump is successfully muzzled by his staff, tweeting less and less frequently from his Android, it has become harder to differentiate the real @RealDonaldTrump from the fake @RealDonaldTrump. (Do those tweets count as fake news?) Fortunately, a journalist for The Atlantic has constructed a bot that uses machine learning to determine from the tweet’s very language choices who wrote it.

It’s not exactly foolproof yet, as his handlers are getting better …

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