Great Job, Internet!: Blow Donald Trump’s hair from his head with Trump Donald

Jokes about Donald Trump’s hair are as commonplace as Republican candidates, an easy target if there ever was one. Carefully in place, but still so unnatural, those fluffy orange tendrils beg to be mussed with the same urgency a rom-com lady’s hair needs to be tenderly tucked behind her ear. And because the internet has too much time on its hands, there’s a website that lets you blow a trumpet to tousle that thatch.—the product of a divinely simple play on the man’s name—is nothing but Trump’s face, a trumpet, and the chance to catch his hair in the instrument’s exhaust. comes from Stockholm advertising agency Animal, who asks, “Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?” We don’t have a good answer, so contribute your Trumps to the website’s running tally. A full 360-degree trumpeting …

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