Great Job, Internet!: Blast off into the weekend with footage of Muppets blowing each other to smithereens

Congratulations: You’ve made it to the end of another work week in Omni Consumer Products’ America, a designation that presumes you managed to get any work done without being constantly distracted by current events, like 29 percent of respondents to a recent BetterWorks survey and 100 percent of Anthony Andersons in the best episode of Black-ish‘s third season. And if you’re anything like the staff of The A.V. Club, you probably have some pent-up aggression left over from the New England Patriots’ impossible comeback, the Cabinet confirmations of an ursuphobic non-educator and a racist not-not-a-racist, or the news that thousands of dead bees mysteriously washed ashore in Florida. So why not take the edge off with 14 minutes of Muppet mayhem subsidized by a regional coffee manufacturer?

Beginning in 1957, Jim and Jane Henson made nearly 180 commercials for Washington, D.C.-based Wilkins Coffee, all …

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