Great Job, Internet!: Blame evolution for making you love sweet, delicious alcohol

Alcohol is ubiquitous. As with having children or watching The Bachelor, the question of whether we choose to imbibe or not is an unavoidable one. Well, that might be because humanity’s connection to the drink dates back to a time when, well, there were no humans. A new piece from the BBC combs through a variety of studies, exploring “a deep historical link between fruit-eating animals and alcohol intake” that helps explain why humans are so adept at digesting alcohol and enthusiastic about drinking it.

Drawing upon a 2000 study by Robert Dudley entitled “Drunken Monkey Hypothesis,” the article explores how our earliest ancestors encountering alcohol in fermenting fruit helped our modern bodies somehow not violently expel every sip of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The key is the genetic mutation of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme ADH4, which, throughout the course of evolution, became “40 times better” at breaking down …

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