Great Job, Internet!: Billy Joel has sold out Madison Square Garden 40 times since 2014

Billy Joel hasn’t released an album since 1993, yet he is now among the highest-rated money-makers in popular music. Part of that is due to a monthly engagement he has undertaken at Madison Square Garden. As The Atlantic‘s Adam Chandler reports today in the lengthy essay “The United States Of Billy Joel,” the old piano man has sold out MSG 40 times since announcing this large-scale residency in 2014. This leads to an obvious question: How in the world are there still that many people who want to see Billy Joel every single month?

Chandler has several theories. One is the singer’s amazing longevity: His audience is filled with people who grew up listening to him, or grew up listening to their parents listen to him. Out of his 121 recorded songs, 33 of them are Top 40 hits. Chandler notes, “Billy Joel has, believe it or …

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