Great Job, Internet!: Bill O’Reilly’s only novel is about a fired newsman who goes on a murderous rampage

Unemployed political commentator Bill O’Reilly is the author of a truly astonishing number of books, which range from cutesy titles like Keep It Pithy and Pinheads And Patriots to a startling number of volumes about the killing of famous people: Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Patton, Killing Reagan, Killing Jesus. Yet before he turned to these verbose volumes of nonfiction, O’Reilly tried his hand at fiction, with a now-revealing murder mystery called Those Who Trespass: A Novel Of Television And Murder. Fortunately, writer Jia Tolentino offers a thorough examination of this drugstore classic in The New Yorker, so none of us have to read it.

In crafting his fictional cast, O’Reilly offers various unsavory characters as possible versions of himself (like there’s any other kind). First up is a sexual predator/journalist:

The second sentence of Those Who Trespass describes Ron Costello, a correspondent for Global …

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