Great Job, Internet!: Bibliochefs create fictional dishes from the Harry Potter series

Two San Diego librarians, Jenne and Miko, created fictitious dishes from the Harry Potter series to celebrate Harry Potter month, a fictitious holiday created by Scholastic. They share their recipes, photos, and whether you should bother to try them at home on their blog, 36 Eggs.

They recreated a Hogwarts breakfast of porridge, plates of kippers, mountains of toast, and dishes of eggs and bacon. They made Mrs. Weasley’s Chicken And Ham Pie from Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, and Hagrid’s treacle toffee that “cemented his jaws together” in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. On July 31, they made Mrs. Weasley’s Golden Snitch Cake for J.K. Rowling’s birthday.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they indexed every food and drink mentioned in the Harry Potter series. To be included, a food or drink needed to be physically present in the …

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