Great Job, Internet!: Bernie Sanders has appeared in not one, but two low-budget rom-coms

One of the fringe benefits of a woefully long, wearisome political campaign is that the diligent members of the media have plenty of time to really dig into the candidates’ past and find out all sorts of fascinating things. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, for instance, has appeared in not one but two romantic comedies, both of them featuring genuinely famous actors and actresses, i.e. people who actually make their living in show business. In the wake of Sanders’ strong performance at the Iowa caucus on Monday, National writer Chad Merda has delved into the cranky Democratic candidate’s meet-cute-laden past. Back in the fall of 1988, for instance, while Michael Dukakis was being soundly thrashed in the general election by George H.W. Bush, Sanders was cameoing in Robert Greenwald’s Sweet Hearts Dance, starring Susan Sarandon, Don Johnson, and Jeff Daniels. Here, he appears unbilled as essentially himself …

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