Great Job, Internet!: Behold the Tefifon, the unholy German union of vinyl and 8-track

Sure, you’re a big fan of MF Doom. You’ve got MM.. Food on vinyl, but do you have MadVillainy on Tefi? Actually, you’ll be hard-pressed to get much of anything on the Tefifon, a German audio player from the 1940s. Tefifons play cartridges similar to 8-tracks, but instead of magnetic tape, the cartridges contain Tefi, or grooved strips similar to vinyl.

Digg posted a video by YouTube user Techmoan, who pays homage to the quirky player. Techmoan’s detailed breakdown of the machine includes taking apart the device and showing the innards of a cartridge. The plastic Tefifon tape looks a lot like red licorice, so it gets points for taste, but it also boasted a playing time of up to four hours. Other features include a push-button track jump that resembles station preset buttons on analog car radios, and a hideous collection of cover artists, owing …

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