Great Job, Internet!: Behold the matchless grace of these perfect movie match cuts

A match cut, occurring when the end of one scene is perfectly visually coordinated with the beginning of the next, is a filmmaking technique that can yield serious dividends when executed properly. At its best, this kind of transition can help take an audience from one place and time to another in less than a second, without a jarring disruption of continuity. Video essayist Celia Gómez now pays tribute to this trick of the trade in her latest compilation, “Match Cut: The Art Of Cinematic Technique.” Here are some of the most clever, elegant, poignant, and surprising match cuts in the history of movies. It’s a legacy that Gómez traces back to Luis Buñuel’s 1929 surrealist film Un Chien Andalou. In the infamous first scene from that movie, a man slices a woman’s eye open with a straight razor. Just as he’s about to commit this …

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