Great Job, Internet!: Behold the inevitable mashup of Game Of Thrones and How To Train Your Dragon

HBO’s Game Of Thrones has dragons in it. DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon franchise also has dragons in it. Due to those two facts in conjunction with the reality that the internet is a thing that exists, it was only a matter of time before somebody stepped up to the plate and, in the parlance of online rhetoric, “mashed them up.”

As far as the mashings-up of peripherally related items of pop culture go, Darth Blender‘s “How To Train Your Drogon” is a pretty solid offering. It takes the audio from the 2010 animated film’s trailer and overlays images from the gore- and nudity-filled fantasy series. The result is rather delightful.

If that somehow fails to cause a sufficiently pleasurable degree of cognizant dissonance in the viewer, they are advised to follow it up with another of the Brazilian YouTube channel’s recent pastiches of nostalgia …

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