Great Job, Internet!: Before you see La La Land, watch this video essay on why Whiplash worked

Writer-director Damien Chazelle has a lot to live up to when his new film, La La Land, opens on Friday. Chazelle’s previous film, the 2014 jazz drumming drama Whiplash, garnered critical praise, turned a healthy profit on a modest budget, and earned actor J.K. Simmons an Oscar for his performance as a music instructor whose quest for artistic perfection turns him into a violent, abusive monster. Kees Van Dijkhuizen Jr., a film editor from the Netherlands, has created a compelling video essay entitled “Insight: Whiplash,” using clips from the film as well as audio of Chazelle discussing his own process. This is the latest such video from Van Dijkhuizen. A previous entry in the “Insight” series focused on animator Brad Bird. Here, Chazelle talks about expanding his original 2013 short film into a feature and why he let those crucial drum solos go on and on.

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