Great Job, Internet!: Bathe in this delirious supercut of every last 30 Rock musical performance

Whether they were crooning about muffin tops, werewolf bar mitzvahs, or just the all-American sport of tennis, the characters of the late, lamented 30 Rock sang an awful lot over the course seven seasons and 138 fast-paced, reference-heavy episodes. Now, thanks to Vimeo user <a class="colorbox" href="http://%20


“>Jyosef, fans of the sitcom can relive all of those musical moments in a 47-minute chunk of pop culture insanity called “The Singing Of 30 Rock. This epic-length supercut is arranged in chronological order, so viewers can watch how the show and its music evolved over time. It’s no surprise that this compilation is dominated by Krakowski, whose attention-addicted character sings as often as possible, both as part of her job and during business meetings, parties, and casual social interactions. “The Singing Of 3o Rock” contains at least 50 such examples. But Krakowski’s cast mates get their share of musical numbers, too. Tina Fey …

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