Great Job, Internet!: B.o.B. is terrified of “pregnant Elsa” YouTube videos

Rapper B.o.B. is best known, at this point in his career, not for his promising early work but instead his prominent belief that the earth is flat. In a much-publicized freakout that somehow roped Neil DeGrasse Tyson into its, erm, orbit, the rapper expounded at length about how things he saw online had opened his mind. He did not stop at flat earth, either; last year he released a series of four mixtapes about seemingly every conspiracy theory at once.

Well, B.o.B. is still online, scouring the dregs of the internet, and this time he is not falling for its shit. After stumbling upon the genuinely harrowing sub-genre of violent, sexualized fake kid’s shows—generally featuring Disney and Marvel characters—he popped on his Instagram to go nuts about them.

Instagram Embed

Instagram Embed

He even started the hashtag #Elsagate, which, if you search on …

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