Great Job, Internet!: At last, the fake companies of 30 Rock have very real-looking logos

Since its characters worked in show business and displayed remarkably poor impulse control, 30 Rock was awash in terrible, ill-conceived business ventures. It seemed like hardly a week went by without someone on the show either patronizing, endorsing, or founding a company that had no right to exist. Now, London-based graphic designer and illustrator Rob Yeo has taken some of the NBC sitcom’s most absurd examples of entrepreneurship run amok and created very legitimate, credible logos for them. The artist explains this project as a way of combining his fandom with his job:

When 30 Rock left our screens in 2013, it left behind a legacy of outstanding writing, peerless comedic performances and a truly insane list of fake companies offering everything from alligator repellent to ninja restaurants and rocket ship coffins. So I decided to combine my dual passions of graphic design and esoteric television references to bring …

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