Great Job, Internet!: Arya might have a stalker in Braavos

We’re going to be honest with you: We’re not quite sure whether to frame this as a legitimate fan theory or just a funny continuity error, but, regardless, here’s the latest Game Of Thrones quirk discovered by an observant Redditor: Arya may have a stalker in Braavos. User Chriscftb97 first spotted the mysterious man in blue in the final scene of “The Broken Man,” in which an injured Arya stumbles through the streets looking for help.

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The curious thing is that he pops up again in a later shot, only this time he’s walking in the opposite direction, almost like he’s following Arya.

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Meanwhile he was also spotted standing in the audience of a Braavosi play in an earlier episode.

Game Of Thrones (HBO)

And he even appears in the preview for next week’s episode, “No One.”

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Speculation …

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