Great Job, Internet!: Arnold Schwarzenegger made a video of every explosion from his films

It’s a fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to blow shit up. Or at least, likes shit blowing up around him in his movies. Maybe it’s because he so often works with James Cameron, a man who also loves the spectacle of exploding destruction. But Schwarzenegger loves blowing stuff up so much that he’s doing it for charity, and those interested can go to this site to donate to After-School All-Stars (and also enter to win a chance to blow stuff up with the once and future Terminator). But to get people better acquainted with his resumé for dealing with explosions, Schwarzenegger has compiled all of the various explosions from his movies—yes, including Twins and Jingle All The Way.

Explosions are perhaps the only thing Schwarzenegger loves more than awkward dancing, and to prove it, he and his team did some research and found there are 23 movies …

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