Great Job, Internet!: Arnold Schwarzenegger blows shit up for fun and charity

This may be a week old, but it’s for charity and involves exploding giant gummy bears, so it’s worth it. Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon be seen again on silver screens in the intriguing-looking (if possibly horrible) Terminator: Genisys. But before he’s back in theaters, he’d like to say “Ice to meet you,” to a lucky fan who supports his Omaze campaign. By going to this site, those interested can donate to help support after-school programs and enter the chance to join Arnold in blowing shit up. And to demonstrate the type of fun that can be had when giving to charity, Arnold made the following video that includes aforementioned exploding gummy bears, some tanks, and a kind of random Eric Stonestreet cameo.

It’s perhaps the most badass campaign invitation ever assembled (since his last one, anyways), and it’s always fun to watch stuff explode …

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