Great Job, Internet!: Archer’s Adam Reed on “phrasing,” film noir, and the return of Barry

Den Of Geek is currently doing another of its behind-the-scenes TV walkthroughs, this time for the just-completed seventh season of FX’s animated action-comedy Archer. As regular viewers well know, this was a dramatic, eventful, innuendo-filled year for Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and his ex-ISIS colleagues. Their days as spies and cocaine dealers now apparently behind them for good, they re-made themselves as private detectives in Los Angeles, operating under the aegis of The Figgis Agency, nominally headed by pedantic, perverted accountant Cyril (Chris Parnell). Archer committed more firmly than ever to the joys of serialized storytelling this year, too, with a film-noir-style plot unfolding over the course of the entire season. The title character memorably began and ended the season floating unconscious in a swimming pool surrounded by his own blood, seemingly dead. Where can the show go from there? Series creator Adam Reed explains his game plan …

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