Great Job, Internet!: Arcade Fire leads a New Orleans funeral parade for David Bowie

It’s been over a month since the death of David Bowie, and though it still feels weird to live in a world without the musical behemoth, it’s comforting to know that his legacy will live on, with his music set to influence people for generations to come. Part of that legacy is a celebration of the way that music fosters community. No matter how maudlin Bowie could get on some of his songs, he was also clearly driven by the desire to express the communal power of music: its ability to bring people together, make them feel less alone, and heal a whole variety of wounds they’ve suffered. That’s what makes it so perfect that in tribute to their friend, and occasional collaborator, Arcade Fire lead a funeral parade for Bowie in New Orleans.

Hundreds appear to have turned out for the event, many adorned in …

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