Great Job, Internet!: Apple’s show about apps is app-solute horseshit

Pretty much every company is getting into the “original content” game at this point. It’s a cornerstone of the idea of “peak TV,” that there’s so much money producing so many programs of high quality that we can’t possibly keep going up. Apple has more money than any company on the planet, and so the notion of it getting into TV certainly sounded like a promising idea. What sort of sure-fire, cost-as-no-object project can you dream up? They could pull it off, easily. Instead, they have produced the low-rent Shark Tank knock-off Planet Of The Apps, which pretty much everyone agrees is a goddamn disaster. Rather than watching any of its 10 horrifically stupid episodes, why not take 10 minutes and watch this evisceration of it via The Outline instead?

The show itself is a sort of tech-industry dystopia, full of pointless gadgets, “big-idea” thinking that goes …

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