Great Job, Internet!: Apart from Leia, the women of Star Wars weren’t given much to say

To those who think of the Star Wars franchise—particularly the original trilogy—as a boys club where women not named “Princess Leia” are utterly marginalized: prepare to have your expectations upheld. Vulture‘s Chris Wade and Abraham Riesman compiled every line spoken by a woman other than Leia in the first three Star Wars films, and the results are laughably lopsided. How many women other than Carrie Fisher even get the opportunity to speak in these movies? Wade and Riesman put the count at three, and their combined dialogue comprises just 63 seconds out of 386 possible minutes of screen time. That goes well beyond merely flunking the Bechdel test.

In A New Hope, there is Shelagh Fraser as Beru Lars, Luke’s kindhearted aunt. Virtually everything she says is about Luke: How he’s not a farmer, how he takes after his father, how he has “some things …

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