Great Job, Internet!: Animals are chill

In a world filled with meticulously curated novelty social media accounts and millions of desperate users willing to do anything for those likes, the thing that makes or breaks an enjoyable online presence comes down to one word: authenticity. That’s doubly true for animals, whose mere existence makes up a disturbing percentage of online content. Too often, famous internet pets (or, to be fair, their owners) get wrapped up in their own celebrity and post nothing but perfectly lit glamour shots complete with obvious product placement and a customized watermark. Thankfully there’s still one Instagram account out there doing it right. And by “doing it right” we mean posting nothing but chill-ass animals authentically not giving a fuck.

Instagram Embed

Instagram Embed

@chillwildlife is committed to not trying hard. That ethos is expressed not only in the relaxed faces of the various animals featured on the account, but …

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