Great Job, Internet!: Angelo Badalamenti describing writing “Laura Palmer’s Theme” is haunting

Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack from the original run of Twin Peak‘s is one of the show’s most defining elements, but other than sharing a theme song, Twin Peaks: The Return has had a noticeable lack of the composer’s classic score. The one song that does show up—and in a very effective way, we might add—is “Laura Palmer’s Theme,” Badalamenti’s ode to the innocence and darkness that was battling inside the murdered young woman at the center of the show’s iconic mystery. It’s quite possibly Twin Peaks‘ most impactful song, and this chilling video, taken from the documentary featurette Secrets From Another Place, shows Badalamenti reenacting the creative and emotional process that birthed it. It’s been around for awhile, but it’s been making the rounds again recently, and with good reason.

Sitting at the same beat up Fender Rhodes electric …

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