Great Job, Internet!: Anagrams try and fail to explain secrets in The Force Awakens

Star Wars fans have had nearly two months to watch, re-watch, ponder, and puzzle over The Force Awakens. So what have they come up with as far as valuable insights into the film’s true meaning or clues as to the future of the entire saga? As a new video from Mashable demonstrates, not a whole heck of a lot. Created by Onion veteran David Sidorov, the video takes the form of a deeply nerdy and just as deeply delusional presentation by a young man named Kyle, described as “our resident film theorist,” who sincerely believes that the secrets of The Force Awakens can be laid bare by simply decoding some anagrams hidden in the film’s title and in the names of its principal characters. The letters contained within The Force Awakens, for instance, can be rearranged to spell “fake cheaters won.” Kyle then goes on to speculate about …

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