Great Job, Internet!: An oral history of Austin Powers, the movie that shagged us

It’s been 20 years since Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery was released in theaters, which means it’s been about 15 years since somebody unironically asked, “Do I make you horny?” In that time, the bawdy, madcap franchise has gone from being a surprise smash hit to a sometimes embarrassing reminder of the nation’s questionable comedic tastes. But whether or not you think the humor of Austin Powers holds up, there’s no denying the film had a massive cultural impact, giving us everything from incessant Dr. Evil impressions to this Heineken ad:

In a new piece from The Hollywood Reporter, Austin Powers creator and star Mike Myers, directer Jay Roach, and the rest of the principal cast reflect on their experience of making what is essentially the “Macarena” of films two decades after its release. The initial concept—which Myers describes as a tribute to his …

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