Great Job, Internet!: An insane person is trying to beat every Dragon Quest game in a single sitting

True greatness can only be achieved when you push yourself beyond your limits to do the unthinkable, like a marathon runner breaking through the wall at mile 20, a pianist playing a piece by Chopin at double tempo, or a guy sitting on his butt playing video games for days at a time without sleep. That last one might sound less impressive and more just dumb, but luckily it’s also the one we have the chance to witness today thanks to an insane man on the internet.

Twitch user Highspirits started his journey roughly 24 hours ago with a streaming play-through of the original Dragon Quest (which was known as Dragon Warrior in the U.S. until 2005), and his goal is to complete the first nine games in the series in one sitting. Of course, Dragon Quest X came out last year, but seeing as it’s a …

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