Great Job, Internet!: An in-depth appreciation of onscreen video displays, from The Net to today

When a movie needs a video screen, Hollywood turns to people like Todd Aron Marks, a computer video playback supervisor. As part of its Almanac series, Vox talks to Marks about how those screens within screens are a crucial part of the world-building process. Basically, it’s Marks’ job to make sure what’s on those fake screens is plausible, relevant, and appropriate to the film’s time and place. He has credits going back to the early 1990s and made a strong early impact with 1995’s The Net, a “cyber thriller” starring Sandra Bullock. Since that movie was about the internet, it required a plethora of fake websites, like the sadly nonexistent “Someone had to get those invented graphics on Sandra Bullock’s computer screen,” the narration explains.

An insane amount of detail goes into these glowing monitors and TV sets seen in the background. The …

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