Great Job, Internet!: An artist puts a Mad Max spin on famous movie cars

The Mad Max movies have always had cool/weird/ridiculous cars, but the flame-throwing guitars, exploding spears, and other crazy modifications seen in the recent Fury Road really took the idea of post-apocalyptic vehicular warfare to another level. An illustrator named Scott Park has taken the Fury Road aesthetic and ran with it, reimagining a number of iconic cars from TV shows and movies to see how they’d look in the world of Mad Max—or, as he puts it, “this is what would happen if Fury Road took place in Los Angeles.”

The cars Park used include the A-Team van, the ’60s Batmobile, the Back To The Future DeLorean (which you can see above) and the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, which gets a pretty sweet harpoon gun mounted on the roof.

(Image: Scott Park)

(Image: Scott Park)

The illustrations were originally made for a Planet-Pulp contest …

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