Great Job, Internet!: An animated Willie Nelson talks about the time his lung collapsed

Considering his outsized public persona, it is no surprise that outlaw country legend Willie Nelson has ventured into the world of animation a few times. The Simpsons memorably gave him Pippi Longstocking-type braids in its “Behind The Laughter” episode. Over on Cartoon Network, Nelson amiably chatted with a costumed, interstellar crime fighter on Space Ghost Coast To Coast. And Aqua Teen Hunger Force had its own, very different “Willie Nelson” character as a villain. But now, thanks to the efforts of Collection Agency Films, Willie Nelson’s own true-life adventures are being animated, one anecdote at a time. “My company took some audio of Willie Nelson telling stories (while getting the recording crew high) and we animated it,” Dano Johnson tells The A.V. Club. “Willie posted it today and with the positive feedback, we’ll be making more soon.”

For now, the inaugural episode of “A Willie Nelson …

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