Great Job, Internet!: An ABC TV special went behind the scenes of Star Wars 38 years ago

Last night, the internet broke out in a fresh frenzy of anticipation when the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped. The feverish response is the latest indication of the Star Wars community’s continued strength and reach, a phenomenon that The New York Times highlights today in an article about Lucasfilm’s savvy interactions with fans. But a 38-year-old TV special, newly uploaded to YouTube, reminds us that mass obsession has been part of the Star Wars story from the outset.

A long time ago—1977, to be exact—in our very own galaxy, ABC set aside an hour of airtime for a film about the making of A New Hope (or, as it was more simply known before Lucas’ revisions, Star Wars). You can now watch the documentary in its entirety on YouTube; it’s embedded below. The show begins by marveling at legions of …

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