Great Job, Internet!: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls asked the best Emmy red carpet questions

While the usual suspects bantered with celebrities about their outfits, the California heat, and their jobs, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls were fighting the good fight on last night’s Emmy red carpet by asking the stars questions that were actually interesting. The idea is that women have more to talk about besides their clothes, and likewise, their fans have more that they want to hear. By using the hashtag #SmartGirlsAsk, people at home were able to ask Emmy attendees more thoughtful queries than “Who are you wearing?”

Not only did teens jump at the chance to interact directly with TV stars, but the project also drew in high-profile participants like Nina Garcia and Britney Spears, with topics including favorite charity organizations, advice to their younger self, and the importance of feminism. Find dozens of these mini interviews on Poehler’s Smart Girls Twitter, with a few highlights included below …

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