Great Job, Internet!: Americans: Use this map to figure out where TV shows across the pond take place

Geography—the bane of Americans everywhere. Many U.S. residents don’t even know the lay of their own land, let alone international locations. This can be vexing on a few levels; but from a pop culture perspective, it can make it very hard to know where certain things are meant to take place. As more Americans discover great U.K. shows, it can be difficult to understand exactly where it’s all going down—is Downton Abbey near London? In what part of the city does Peep Show take place? Where the hell is the Doctor going when he’s not on another planet? These are pressing concerns, but now there’s a solution for this problem in the form of a very helpful map.

Tim Ritz designed the map after trying to explain to his wife where certain events were taking place in a TV show. As Ritz …

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