Great Job, Internet!: Alternate Friends ending shows Phoebe’s disaster of a life

Admit it, you’re still pretty misty-eyed over the ending of Friends in 2004. It’s okay—there’s even an ongoing comment thread on Quora discussing how the last episode just slaughtered everyone’s happy outlook on life (even though it was a happy ending).

And now there’s a way to complement that sadness with a little more sadness. Forget going to Central Perk one last time and enjoying each other’s company in a fond farewell. In a new version of the ending scene cooked up by Gareth Stranks, a 30-year-old Londoner and Friends fan who admittedly didn’t care much for Phoebe, the entire series was fake. In his ending, a meth-addled homeless Phoebe imagined it all after visually latching on to a group of people she saw through the coffee shop window.

#FriendsFest later today on @ComedyCentralUK at 5pm. Here’s my proposal for how …

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