Great Job, Internet!: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge returns with celebrity-filled Funny Or Die sketch

Remember way back in the summer of 2014 when the ALS Ice Bucket challenge was suddenly everywhere? When everyone from old high school friends to mega celebrities were suddenly dumping ice water on their heads in order to raise awareness for the ALS Association? And then thinkpieces began to crop up about the merits of the challenge, including some arguing that these small buckets of water were somehow majorly impacting the California drought (and not, you know, the fact that we use staggeringly huge amounts of water to produce food).

Well all of that fun is back, this time probably with twice as many thinkpieces. At the end of this new Funny Or Die sketch, the ALS Association declares: “The ice bucket challenge is back!” But first the video casts New Girl‘s Lamorne Morris as a tough executive demanding a new challenge from his exhausted staff. The sketch features …

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