Great Job, Internet!: All the worst Game Of Thrones tweets gigantic brands sent out last night

Westeros is a land with no internet and no brands beyond the Iron Bank Of Braavos and the mercenary Stormcrows vying for consumer attention; the world we inhibit is filled with toilet bowl cleaners and fast food companies skating in on the coattails of our escapist fantasy world by saturating Twitter with their #GameOfThrones #brands. Those live-tweeting the Game Of Thrones season five premiere last night or just hanging out on Twitter probably noticed some brands trying to get in on the action. Uproxx compiled some of the best/worst ones. Some were cute; the aforementioned toilet bowl cleaner was actually kind of clever.

A mind needs books just like a toilet needs Clorox.

— Clorox (@Clorox) April 13, 2015

Sonic probably tried the hardest, talking shit about how Burger King’s reign is over and Papa John Snow knows nothing.

You had a nice run on …

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