Great Job, Internet!: All the released footage from The Force Awakens in one handy trailer

As excitement continues to mount for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (accompanied by “please don’t screw this up”), what we know about the actual movie also continues to mount. Princess Leia is getting a name change, there’s some reason for a Covergirl product tie-in, and there has been more footage of the film released in different spurts—whether it be in a teaser, a trailer, an international trailer, or a TV spot. And while the most recent trailer news has been about what’s playing before The Force Awakens, the internet has managed to come back with a collection of all the released footage thus far edited into one epic trailer for the hotly anticipated film.

True, this video (as put together by Science Vs. Cinema) doesn’t include the footage from the TV spot that was just released a couple of days ago that …

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