Great Job, Internet!: All the Eastyr eggs in Terminator Genisys

Bandit Incorporated and Mr. Sunday Movies have combined forces to create a video that tracks nearly every Easter egg and hydden reference in Terminator Genisys. As the fifth movie in the franchise and a simultaneous sequel and reboot, there are a lot of callbacks in Genisys, some of which are a little more obvious than others. Hell, the beginning of the movie is just a shot-for-shot recreation of the first film.

In addition to pointing out some of the more hidden treasures in the film, the video also gets into some of the logical shortcomings of the franchise—of which there are many. For example, in T2, why can the T-1000 sprout additional arms in order to fly the helicopter and shoot at the same time but can’t just grow 50 arms when fighting Arnie? Get your life together, T-1000.

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