Great Job, Internet!: All 8 Best Picture nominees summarized in just under 4 minutes

With eight films up for Best Picture award at the Oscars, who has time to watch them all? A lot of people, actually. But for those that don’t, Digg has put together a complete synopsis of all eight of the films (Warning: including spoilers), all while clocking in at under four minutes. The nuances of the filmmaking gets a bit lost in this short summary, but consider this a cheat sheet for discussing the films with others.

Digg does a good job of covering the bare essentials of the plots, with a bit of commentary thrown in despite the short running time of the video. So for those that missed out on The Revenant, have no idea what Brooklyn is about, or have already forgotten what happened in The Martian, this video should act as a good primer and/or reminder. For the rest, it will be a exercise …

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