Great Job, Internet!: “Alexa Jones” finally speaks the truth you’re unwilling to hear

We live in a culture where it’s not the smartest, most helpful people that we turn to, but rather the loudest. That’s why we get prime time interviews with conspiracy theorists like Infowars’ Alex Jones, who, in predictable fashion, spent the entire run-up to its airing screaming about how it was a hit job, releasing surreptitiously taped audio, and lambasting interviewer Megyn Kelly for being “not feminine” enough.

Well, if you find Jones’ throaty, bleating baritone reassuring (and with the size of his audience, a lot of people do), the Amazon Echo’s Alexa Jones is for you.

YouTube user Mike Toomey created a parody video that swaps out the Alexa digital assistant’s soothing voice with clips of Jones both bellowing about conspiracies and berating you for not seeing the deep state’s handiwork for what it is.

“You better wake up, get your butts in gear …

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