Great Job, Internet!: Akira, but it’s just people yelling “Tetsuo” and “Kaneda” the whole time

Akira is a great, weird film—a visionary piece of cyberpunk fiction and one of the sharpest, most engaging animated films ever produced. In it, two best friends named Tetsuo and Kaneda square off, eventually engaging in an explosive, cataclysmic duel. They also spend an awful lot of time screaming each other’s names. Here is a version of them exclusively doing that:

You can easily trace the narrative of the full film in the video. At first it’s all Kaneda concernedly saying “Tetsuo” as he’s bullied and hurt, but eventually Tetsuo finds his voice—sneering, gloating, and finally bubbling over in despair as his power consumes him.

It’s a fun reason to revisit a great animated movie. If looking for a fun reason to revisit a terrible animated movie, check out all these breathtakingly stupid supercuts of Bee Movie that are making the rounds.

[via Metafilter]

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