Great Job, Internet!: Adam Sandler’s “Ode To My Car” actually benefited from censorship

It may seem difficult to believe from this vantage point, but Adam Sandler was not always a pariah. Two decades ago, when the actor and comedian released the second of his five albums, the public actually seemed interested in what this goofy 29-year-old Brooklynite had to say. When What The Hell Happened To Me? appeared on store shelves on February 13, 1996, Sandler was pretty much at the peak of his public acceptability as a multimedia star. He’d gotten the boot from Saturday Night Live the previous year and would nurse a grudge against the show for decades, finally relenting in time for the show’s 40th anniversary. But his movie career was in full swing by then, with Billy Madison already in the rearview mirror and Happy Gilmore on the horizon. The music business was a little kinder to comedy albums back then, too, and What The Hell …

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