Great Job, Internet!: Action heroes brunch like mayhem-loving badasses in this new web video

You’re gonna wanna take a look at this new video from Cracked detailing what all the gruff-voiced, short-haired, wryly wise-cracking heroes from your favorite action movies get up to when they’re not defusing bombs or diving through glass. Full of nods to various genre flicks and cliches, the video takes the viewer through a relaxing day off for someone whose life is told in growled one-liners, suspicious stares, and smartly edited jump cuts.

At a little less than four minutes in length, the video glosses over some of the grittier realities of the action hero lifethere’s no sign of John McClane getting tetanus shots for the glass in his feet or Jack Bauer emptying and cleaning out his catheterin favor of the finer things in life: Brunch, baby pictures, and diving rolls through glass, because even on their day off an action hero still has …

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